Chania, our beautiful place!

Crete …A wonderful place for vacations.

The westernmost side of Crete, Chania is a wonderful place for vacations. The Chania Old Town is a romantic place to stroll around, with Medieval architecture, elegant mansions and a wonderful Venetian port, the most famous spot of the town.


Stretching over a glorious sun kissed coastline the pristine beaches of Chania, Crete are rightfully considered some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. The coast combines the tranquility of the sea with exotic surroundings and emerald waters for an unforgettable experience that will leave you breathless. Whether seeking populated beach or deserted cove, scintillating bay or something in-between these prefecture offers it all!


It’s hard to find a more beautiful town in Greece than Chania. This city on the northern coast is filled with cobbled streets and shops selling clothes, ceramics, and local artworks. The best destinations for holidaying Greeks are always bustling this time of year– but there’s never been any better destination that provides an afternoon worth wandering through its charms before dinner at one of these romantic restaurants overlooking the Venetian harbor.


The geography of Chania is a mix of imposing mountains and beautiful greenery, features that characterize the entire island. This makes for an incredible experience on the ground as you traverse its landscape up into one side or down to another; it’s hard not be in awe over this dramatic terrain! One area where these extremes are shown off beautifully is Samaria Gorge: located just south from Chania, climb through marble cliffs with jagged edges like teeth before reaching an open valley full of life. It may seem so far away now but trekking your way back out will feel more than worth it at every twist and turn.