Cretan Cuisine – A guide to the gastronomy of Crete

cretan dakos

Crete is the greatest island of Greece and separated from its awesome sea shores, stunning scenes and pleasant towns, it additionally has a popular culinary scene. It is anything but a mystery that the Cretan soil and atmosphere are viewed as the best in the Mediterranean.

That is the motivation behind why Crete produces heavenly vegetables and organic products! The Cretan Diet is one of the most beneficial and most delectable around the world. Besides, note that nourishment assumes a significant job in local people’s way of life and life span. You will comprehend this when you set foot on the island!

Cretan Cheeses

Cheddar is without a doubt the most loved nourishment of the Cretans. The cheddar delivered on the island is of great quality and a few kinds are enrolled as “Secured assignment of starting point” items. The Cretan cheddar was even well known since antiquated occasions when the island used to send out it! The most well known Cretan cheeses are anthotyros, graviera, kefalotiri, myzithra, and staka. Obviously, cheddar is utilized in numerous Cretan plans too.


The Cretan Dakos (otherwise called “koukouvayia”) is constantly a pleasant choice for a light total feast or a starter. Dakos is a kind of greek bruschetta, simple and fast to make with only a couple of straightforward fixings. It comprises of natively constructed Cretan rusk, Cretan olive oil, tomato, olives, and, obviously, a Cretan white cheddar, for example, Feta, Mizithra or Anthotyros.

Snails (Chochlioi)

Chochlios implies snail in the Cretan lingo. It is one of the most loved treats in Crete! Local people like to cook them from numerous points of view. The most widely recognized is fricasseeing them with flour and hot olive oil in a container. Different dishes with snails will be snails with tomato sauce and French fries, snails with eggplants, snails with rosemary and wine, snails with pligouri, and so forth. You can generally pick the one nearest to your taste.

Cretan Little Pies (Kalitsounia)

These little Cretan cheddar pies, otherwise called kalitsounia, are one of the most renowned neighborhood indulgences. You can discover them all over the place! You can eat them with anthotyro cheddar and spearmint or with spinach and myzithra cheddar. In any case, they are delectable. There is additionally a sweet form of kalitsounia known as “lyhnarakia”, that is generally made during the Easter time frame however you can discover them throughout the entire year at each baked good shop.


Gamopilafo is a Cretan dish, acclaimed all over Greece as a customary wedding dish. Gamopilafo comprises of rice or “pilafi” that is very much cooked – its taste is upgraded with a great deal of margarine – and obviously, it is presented with bubbled sheep or chicken.


Apaki is smoked and salted pork meat marinated with a blend of neighbourhood herbs. The conventional smoking procedure is moderate and common, drawing out the trademark fumé fragrance of the wood. It is a starter and it is normally served in little and slight cuts.

Cretan Brandy (Raki or Tsikoudia)

Raki or tsikoudia is a customary Cretan spirit with an extremely solid smell, which contains a high level of liquor by volume. Raki or Tsikoudia is delivered each pre-winter after the grape reap and it is generally offered to the guests as an invite drink. It is a route for the Cretans to express their neighbourliness and you clearly need to drink it or some of them may feel offended. Be set up to drink a great deal! Raki is additionally a pleasant blessing decision for your loved ones back home. You can discover bottles in each size at the grocery stores or every last shop selling nearby items.

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